The Mission

Excerpt from Table Talks of The Honorable Elijah Muhammad – The Transcripts: Volume One, pg. 15

October 14, 1973

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: Who will go for us and who shall we send? Searching the heavens for a man to come…to save us….That’s somethin’….A lil’ fellow happened to be standing by and he heard it….He said, “Here am I–send me.”…. That’s a great thing when you think about it. He heard the call for someone to go…. To take the job…to defend the nation.

He said, “Though I am among an unclean people.” He said, But send me; I’ll go.”… And so the Lord He heard a man saying he will go. So He said take a pair of tongs… and take a coal from off the altar… put it on his tongue. Told him go ye shall; think over that. The little man said, “Yes.” So he got his mission…to go. He didn’t deny it. He went…. Nobody could fit the job but himself.

Guest: I don’t know where we would be today Dear Apostle if you didn’t fit that description. I can’t hardly imagine where we would be today.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: As many people that there is here, he told me out his own mouth, He said “You was the only one, that I found that fitted the job. Then…when He asked me that, He said, “Are you with Me to set our people on top of civilization. I said, “You’ll back me?” He laughed and smiled and He said. “Brother, I’m with you.” …So three years and near a half, He stayed with me, taught me night and day… and here I am… fighting with the job… conquering it. They say they’re scared, scared of what? There is nothing to be afraid of.