Nation of Islam marks 80 years in North America at Saviours’ Day 2010

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Dr. Aminah Beverly McCloud, a professor of Islamic Studies in the Department of Religious Studies at DePaul University and the Director of the Islamic World Studies Program, said the Nation of Islam’s impact on America cannot be ignored.

“The Nation of Islam has been the most powerful and significant movement in this country by Black people ever,” said Dr. McCloud. “It is important that the face of Islam in America be an indigenous face,” said Dr. McCloud also adding that Black people who are followers of Islam have to have the spirit to work together to improve the conditions within the Black community.

“The Hon. Elijah Muhammad set an economic plan into motion. Many have lost the sense of sacrifice,” said Dr. McCloud. “The Hon. Elijah Muhammad was the only one during that time who had the idea of building a community.”

Dr. McCloud also said it is important for many of the younger members of the Nation of Islam to be taught the history. She gave the example that many youth might not even know that the late former Mayor of Chicago Richard J. Daley declared an “Elijah Muhammad Day” in 1974.

“The young people have allowed themselves to be co-opted by Twitter, FaceBook and MySpace. They have confused information with knowledge,” she said.

Saviours’ Day Director Ademah Muhammad said there has been a very close working relationship with the members of the Nation of Islam’s Executive Council in planning for this event.

“When you look at what the Nation of Islam has done in the past 80 years and you see what the planet is going through at this time, it is a culmination of what the Hon. Elijah Muhammad taught and prepared us for,” said Ademah Muhammad. “Minister Farrakhan loves Black people and the members of the Nation of Islam and everything he does is motivated by that love and what he was taught and learned from the Hon. Elijah Muhammad,” he added.

Among the engaging activities scheduled for the weekend will be an historical display. It will include photos, books and clothing artifacts will chronicle the different phases of the Nation of Islam and its contextual placement within the Black religious, cultural and socio-political experience in America.

Another presentation during this year’s convention is “Table Talks by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad,” a project headed by one of his great-grandsons, Sultan Rahman Muhammad. He has been working hard around the clock with a team of volunteers to present a rare, intimate look into the discussions with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in other social settings outside of the mosque. His words, even during those seemingly “casual” moments, yield wisdom for today.

“Saviours’ Day 2010 is history in the making,” said Rahman Muhammad, recalling the great sense of unity, togetherness and family that exists during Saviours’ Day. He said he, his wife and children are looking forward to the entire weekend of events.