Queen of Civilization

Convening of the National M.G.T. & G.C.C. Captains
September 11, 1973

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad:  I have in mind, a woman to make some committee, you know, that will go here and there not in one place but anywhere in the world that I point. I will proceed them with the Help of Allah and He will go before them. And I could take a committee of these sisters and send them to China, anywhere, and the people would come out and respect them. Because what I teach the woman no other man have ever taught them because no other man know it. So, that she reigns as queen in the Nation wherever she goes and people begin to admire her so that they go following, trailing her to get a glance look at her. Never seen a woman trained like this.

Room: That’s right.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad: But I trust my training and it upholds you, you leans upon, you rest upon, and see its winning for you and you always then want to go and show the world what you have.  Furthermore, that you further yourself in the training the more you loves it, you see. You’re not forcing yourself to do something you don’t like [laughs] you like it! Then give you a new styling of dress that the world has never seen before. And the first thing they go to ask … they’re amazed at your new style and they’ll listen to you talk lady-like and they are amazed you got them stylings when you just present yourself before them, they’ve never seen a woman dressed like this before. Oh, brother…