“I Am The Christ!”

Excerpt from Table Talks of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, East Coast Ministers’ convening-

December 1, 1973 – 7:00 PM

Special Edition Release with Full transcript and audio recording available to the public for the first time this Saviours’ Day 2014!

Minister Louis Farrakhan:
Dear Apostle, in the Scriptures it talks of the Christ and it refers to the Christ as God in flesh, or God incarnate. This is the Christian’s view. But that this Christ was a man raised from the dead.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad: Yes, He set that man right here. You’re talking with him. I am the Christ.

Minister Louis Farrakhan: Yes, yes, I bear you witness, dear Messenger.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad: I am the Christ. He set him here.

Minister Louis Farrakhan: I bear you witness! Yes sir, I want to be a good Christian.

Room: (laughter)

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad: Well, the real Christian is us … He taught me that.